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Measures to prevent this form of diseases of the genital organs are. In order to prevent complications in vulvodynia, it is necessary to consult a doctor and strictly follow the treatment regimen. There is no specific prophylaxis.

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Vulvodynia is discomfort in the genital area, which is located outside the entrance to the vagina. Pain of motilium pills nature and duration ultimately creates difficulties in the intimate sphere. Pain with discomfort in the area of ​​the external genital organs is often provoked by various factors - sexual infections and diseases, various allergic reactions, injuries.

If the cause of the pain cannot be determined, then doctors speak of vulvodynia.

Sometimes pain accompanies inflammation, the cause of which is unknown, but tissue examination reveals symptoms of chronic inflammation and the absence of an allergen. The main symptom of the disease is pain, which has a constant, acute or aching form and manifests itself at any time of the day and any physical activity.

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Often, the labia, the entrance to the vagina and the clitoris become the place of motilium pills. The patient may refer to discomfort in the anus or perineum.

The main sign of vulvodynia is the appearance or increase in discomfort if you touch the vulvar ring. In some cases, even a small contact with a piece of cotton wool causes serious torment.

Redness, heat, itching and dryness are not always present during the illness, but often severe itching equals severe pain. Symptoms are always chronic, and without therapy, their duration reaches six months.

The main symptom of the diseaseEvania is discomfort at the entrance to the vagina, especially when the vulva endures stress - at the time of sexual contact, while sitting, or at the time of domperidone a tampon.

The form of discomfort is quite diverse, and it can be both periodic and regular, localized in the vulva area or given to the genitals, anus, inner thighs or urethra. There is inflammation of the vulva and around the vagina, swelling and dryness of the mucous membranes. The disease usually proceeds in a permanent form for a long time. If the disease is cyclic, then discomfort appears during menstruation, or after sexual contact.

A kind of triggering factor can be childbirth, gynecological interventions, rape or hard sexual contact. Persistent pain or itching in the vaginal area may have a psychogenic basis. Sometimes after surgery (removal of the vestibular pituitary gland, which cause this disease), all signs of the disease remain - phantom discomfort. Sometimes a genetic predisposition to the appearance of vulvodynia plays a big role. The disease develops based on the following factors.

Vulvodynia is a symptom of most diseases that have both an infectious and non-infectious onset and appear on their own or as one of the signs of the disease. The cause of discomfort is always an increase in the activity of nerve endings. Often, the disease is based on diseases of domperidone pills nerve or inflammation of the pituitary gland, which are located near the vagina.

With a lack of female hormones, various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the vagina, with a change in the microflora of the vagina, exposure to various cosmetics, an irritating discharge appears.

Consequences of traumas (both physical and sexual). Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat tumors. Diseases caused by the herpes virus. allergic manifestations. Irritant effects of cosmetics and medicines. Diseases of the mucous surfaces of the genital organs. Various dystrophic diseases of the vulva. A variety of systemic diseases, or diseases associated with a malfunction of the immune system. Diseases of the external integument of the genital organs.

A complete medical history of the patient is collected.

Diagnosis occurs with a detailed questioning of the patient, during which the nature and duration of pain, the relationship with sexual contact or increased physical activity is established. The features of menstruation, the presence of pregnancy, childbirth and various diseases are specified.

Counseling of domperidone specialists-psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

After questioning, the doctor performs an examination on a specialized chair using a mirror. Without fail, an analysis is taken from the cervix and posterior fornix of the vagina for the presence of various viruses and for oncological examination.

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If the infection is herpetic or papillomavirus in nature, then antiviral drugs are used.

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